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Jump Start
by Eric Yodis

"God, this doesn't make sense to me. Why purchase property when we don't have the people? Where will we get the money?" We prayed. God answered, "Just do it." We realized that obedience to God doesn't always make sense to us at the time. So we scrambled to find $15k and purchased the property the Lord had placed on our hearts. Under these 600 square meters (6500 square feet) lay an old Soviet bomb shelter built during the cold war. One year later the property was valued at $150k. This time God asked us the question, "Does it make more sense to you now?"

In eastern Ukraine, any denomination that is not Russian Orthodox is considered a sect. Soviet propaganda was neronian and most people still believe the old lies. Concurrently, Ukrainian understanding of a church is tied to a church building. When an eastern Ukrainian is invited to attend a home Bible study, his neighbors may say, "What for? They want you to go to their house so they can hypnotize you and make you give them all your money." If you offer to have a Bible study at his house, his friends may say, "Yeah, and before you know it, they'll own your house." The propaganda includes accusations of human sacrifice and group-related promiscuity. Strangely, a separate building designated as a church breaks down these walls.

A church building suggests permanency so that people will realize this is not a fly-by-night, here-today-and-gone-tomorrow sect. We hope that by building this first phase of the church on the shelter, we will be providing a jump-start to a ministry that has been years in the making.

We are excited about Vail Christian Church’s participation in this project. Already we have seen God open doors. The visit of your young people has facilitated the opening of our relationship with a school for the hearing impaired. By serving at this school during their visit, your young people will be creating and facilitating relationship, providing an example of selfless charitable service, encouraging our own leadership group and helping garner relational capital with the local leadership in our society. This may be even more important than any brick and mortar they will be laying at the building site.

Way to go Vail Christian Church!


Missional Exhaling
by Pastor Ben Pitney

There have been times when I have talked about how the Church has a breathing pattern or cycle. There are times when we inhale - relax, celebrate and focus on us and our families. Those times usually come around the Holidays. We do some inhaling at school breaks and the summer. We generally exhale as a church - reach-out, focus on the community, launch missional work, when we start school and kick off the new year.

Our vision can keep us focused and unified if we will make sure we live it out from the very first outward push of breath. We cannot expect to connect people to God and others if there is not enough room in our lives to engage with the people God brings into our journey. Make room, we are officially exhaling in a very missional way!

Student Ministries:



From September 25th to October 10th, students and leaders from our student ministry will travel to Ukraine to serve Eric and Beth Yodis in their efforts to plant a church. You can support this effort through prayer, financial contributions, and participation with fundraisers.


- Pray that God would bless the Yodis family as they seek to launch church planting efforts in Donetsk, Ukraine and Russia.

- Pray for the country of Ukraine; there is much poverty, corruption and superstition.  Pray that God would provide restoration in a way that draws people to know Him.

- Pray that God would establish unity and humility in our team and that He would work powerfully in and through our team so that lives are changed.

- Pray over our team from September 26 - October 10 that God might provide safe travel and good health.

Contact Julie Biagi for details on how you can get involved!



Crown's Biblical Financial Study: The Crown Class is a 10-week study through God's Word on how we should handle our money and possessions. God has a lot to say on the subject and there is a lot expected of the Christ-follower if he or she has money or possessions at their disposal. If you haven't gone through it yet, don't miss this class!

Class begins September 13, 2009 during the 11am service. Contact Thom Dusek to register or for more information.

Guest Services Team: Are you a relational person? Do you get charged up when you meet new people? The Guest Services Team may be the place for you to get involved! This is a crucial team that is the first impression of Vail Christian Church that most people see as they walk onto our campus.

If you'd like more info on our Guest Services Team, or how to get involved on one of our Strategic Service Teams, contact Connection Pastor Tim Sheaffer.

Men's Breakfast: Every third Monday of the month the men of Vail Christian Church are meeting up at Hacienda Del Lago for a great breakfast, hanging out with good friends and hearing a short encouragement from God's Word. Get up early and get there! You won't regret it.

September 21st - 6:30am - Hacienda Del Lago
For more information contact

Parenting Presentation: Here at Vail Christian Church, we want to be very strategic and intentional about the way we are raising our kids. The Parenting Presentation is a public declaration that parents are going to commit to raise their child up in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you'd like to be part of this Parenting Presentation, contact Julie Biagi for details.

Make A Difference Day 2009!

Each year, Vail Christian Church joins with people from all over America for the National Make A Difference Day Event. Mark your calendars and join us to make a difference in our community!

Recent Baptisms!

On August 16th, we had over 450 people up at the White Tail Picnic where 15 people were baptized after making decisions to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Jessie Owens
Brianna Roylston
Jenna Allardice
Kylia Myers
Kate Rottler
Sydney Barnes
Alyssa Orozco
Reid Knight
Dani French
Josh French
Diane French
Guy French
Sterling Ford
Jen Felland
Sarah Kosir

Congratulations to all of you!

If you are interested in being baptized or would like to know more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, contact Connection Pastor Tim Sheaffer.

The Hacketts in Camaroon

The Hackett Family has partnered with Vail Christian Church and Wycliffe Bible Translators as they travel to West Africa to develop a written language for indigenous people in Camaroon. After they have a written language, they will work to promote literacy, and eventually translate the Bible into this new language so that the people they serve can read and understand the gospel in their own language.

Stay connected with this amazing family as they finish their education and travel to Camaroon in the next year.

Visit their website at:

There you’ll find information about their mission, updates on their status, and ways for you to connect and participate in their mission.



books . . .

In Search of the Source
Neil Anderson and Hyatt Moore

Not very many people spend over two decades living with the most primitive people on earth in the highland jungles of Papua New Guinea. Anderson tastes unusual "treats," hunts for bats with bow and arrow, deals with medical realities, and translates the Bible into a formely unwritten language. Observing life from this perspective while endeavoring to communicate universal truths in the process, Anderson draws images that will truly impact your worldview!

Too Small To Ignore
Dr. Wess Stafford

Wess Stafford is the President of Compassion International, a non-profit organization that reaches out to underprivileged children around the world and shares the truth of God's love.  In Too Small to Ignore, Stafford draws on his own experiences as a child of missionaries in Africa to communicate the heart that Jesus has for children everywhere. This is a book that will not leave your heart or your mind untouched.


music . . .

Rob Attaway: Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful is a killer debut album from worship leader Rob Attaway. Along with his band, Attaway led our students in worship at this year's CIY summer camp, helping thousands connect with God through his powerful lyrics and creative music. Check out his CD!


websites . . . is the official web portal for the Yodis family and their church planting project in Ukraine. This is a great resource for us as we partner with Eric and his family in their mission to convert a bomb shelter into a church building, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to this corner of the world.



messages this month . . .

Coming Sunday, September 27th!

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