Our Mission:


Making room in life to connect People with God and others.

We believe there are four key components in becoming a disciple of Jesus.


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When we worship we are showcasing God’s worth and value in all aspects of our lives.  We also remain connected to the heart of God through diligent prayer and consistent study of the scriptures. Worship is about obeying God’s commands as a response to God’s unmerited favor on our lives.  




When we gather together as a church we connect to other Christ-followers in community for support, spiritual growth, and fellowship.  We purposefully engage in life with others and lead them toward a deeper understanding of Jesus. It's our desire to reproduce ourselves on all levels, establish Christ-followers, duplicate healthy marriages, build faith into the next generation, create dynamic leaders, and plant churches.

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 Through giving we acknowledge God’s sovereignty over all wealth, including the wealth He has entrusted to us.  As Christ-followers we give to the local church financially.  We rely on the Holy Spirit for wisdom on how we financially give to other organizations, the poor, and needs around the world. 




Service is expressed by investing time, talent and gifts willingly to support the church. As Christ-followers we engage with our community, city, nation and the world, caring for others both inside and outside the church. The goal of serving is to communicate the gospel message and increase the fame of Jesus Christ. 

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