The Courtyard


What Is the Courtyard?

The Courtyard is our online community, designed for the people of our church to communicate to our leaders, stay connected to one another throughout the week, and coordinate teams, groups, schedules and events. 

Through The Courtyard you can manage your personal giving safely and securely, you can submit prayer requests and register for events, classes and so much more.


Who Should Be On The Courtyard?

Courtyard profiles are set up for every family and person of Vail Christian Church. If you check your kids in to one of our services or register for any class or events online, you probably already have set up an account. You can manage your own profile if you are 13 years of age or older. Kids ages 12 and under are not permitted to manage their own Courtyard Profiles for security reasons. 


Get Set Up

1. Get Access To The Courtyard

Click the link below to create your Courtyard profile. Shortly after, you will receive an email confirming your profile that givies you a temporary login and password.

2.  Set Up Your Profile

Login to the Courtyard, add your picture, enter all your contact information so that you can get started. 

3. Explore, Discover & Join

All groups, service teams, classes and events offered at Vail Christian Church are found in the Courtyard. 


Have Questions ?