If you’ve never been to Vail Christian Church before, we would like to invite you to check out what we’re all about! Churches can be difficult places to figure out and we completely understand that. We know it's hard to find a church that you can feel connected to. 

This page is meant to help provide you with enough information to feel comfortable visiting us for the first time.

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We're located on the North side of Valencia just East of Nexus. We can't wait to see you this Sunday. We've saved a seat for you!



What to Expect


Worship & Music

Music on Sundays is designed to awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more. Our worship style is modern and full of life, propelling you to worship the Lord in spirit and truth.  


The Message

The Bible is our authority, and every message delivered proclaims this truth. Our messages are relevant and practical for your daily life. They help strengthen you and your relationships. Wether you are a Christ-follower or not you will walk away feeling encouraged and challenged. 


The Lord's Supper

Each week, we remember and celebrate life in Christ through  Communion. We do this several different ways: individually, as a family and all together as a church body. We are careful to provide you with  instruction that leads you through this experience each week. 



Money in church can be a delicate issue... but it doesn't have to be.  All that we have belongs to God so financial giving is an important part of our worship. We don't give because the church needs our money, we give because God asks us to and it proves that we trust him. 


Planning on visiting this Sunday? Bringing your kids?

Streamline their class check-in process by filling out the forms below! 



The Courtyard


Our Online Community

You’ll hear about  “The Courtyard” when you visit Vail Christian Church. This is simply our online connection hub where we communicate with each other, join small groups, volunteer for projects or ministry and check in for events and on Sunday mornings. As someone that is brand new or visiting for the first time, you will find small kiosks around the campus that have tablets attached to them. These integrate into our Courtyard system and allow you to electronically check in your children for classes and childcare.