Why we give

Money in church can be a delicate issue... but it doesn't have to be.  All that we have belongs to God so financial giving is an important part of our worship. We don't give because the church needs our money, we give because God asks us to and it proves that we trust him. 

 The purpose behind giving is not in the amount or quality of the resource sacrificed, but in the heart that prompted the giving in the first place. So giving is an act of worship and how we give is a reflection of our heart.

We would never suggest how much or what you should give, but the principle that we ascribe to is that “the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” This suggests that the primary purpose of giving is not to provide for the needs of the church – although God does utilize these gifts to do just that – but rather the purpose of our sacrifice is to align our hearts with the truth that God has provided all that we have. We acknowledge His provision by placing our resources in a context that reminds us that they are not ours, and we give freely and generously as an act of worship. We are stewards not owners. 



How to Give

There are several ways to worship through giving. 


1. Give Online

Through The Courtyard, we have a secure and convenient giving page that allows you to make a one-time gift or set up repeating gifts from your checking account or bank card.


2.  Text To Give

Using 520-394-6555. After a simple setup, you can give to the general fund by entering a dollar amount.



3. The Giving Boxes

We have giving boxes at each worship station during our Sunday morning services. We can also provide you with personalized giving envelopes if you prefer.  


Mark Miller